Interface Sampler

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, Serializable, TestElement
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSampler, AccessLogSampler, AjpSampler, BaseJMSSampler, BeanShellSampler, BoltSampler, BSFSampler, DebugSampler, FTPSampler, HTTPSampler, HTTPSamplerBase, HTTPSamplerProxy, JavaSampler, JDBCSampler, JMSSampler, JSR223Sampler, JUnitSampler, LDAPExtSampler, LDAPSampler, MailReaderSampler, MongoScriptSampler, PublisherSampler, SmtpSampler, SubscriberSampler, SystemSampler, TCPSampler, TestAction, TransactionSampler

public interface Sampler extends Serializable, TestElement
Classes which are able to generate information about an entry should implement this interface.
  • Method Details

    • sample

      SampleResult sample(Entry e)
      Obtains statistics about the given Entry, and packages the information into a SampleResult.
      e - the Entry (TODO seems to be unused)
      information about the sample