Class Entry


public class Entry extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Entry

      public Entry()
  • Method Details

    • addAssertion

      public void addAssertion(Assertion assertion)
    • getAssertions

      public List<Assertion> getAssertions()
    • setSamplerClass

      public void setSamplerClass(Class<?> samplerClass)
    • getSamplerClass

      public Class<?> getSamplerClass()
    • getConfigElement

      public ConfigElement getConfigElement(Class<?> configClass)
    • addConfigElement

      public void addConfigElement(ConfigElement config)
    • addConfigElement

      public void addConfigElement(ConfigElement config, Class<?> asClass)
      Add a config element as a specific class. Usually this is done to add a subclass as one of it's parent classes.
      config - the ConfigElement to be added
      asClass - the Class under which the ConfigElement should be registered