Interface Clearable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractVisualizer, AssertionVisualizer, ComparisonVisualizer, Graph, GraphVisualizer, MailerResultCollector, MailerVisualizer, MainFrame, MainFrame.ErrorsAndFatalsCounterLogTarget, RespTimeGraphVisualizer, ResultCollector, ResultSaverGui, SimpleDataWriter, StatGraphVisualizer, StatVisualizer, SummaryReport, TableVisualizer, ViewResultsFullVisualizer

public interface Clearable
Identifies an object which supports the clearing of run-time data using the clearData() method. Intended for implementation by Listeners.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Clears the current data of the object.
  • Method Details

    • clearData

      void clearData()
      Clears the current data of the object.