Class RegExUserParameters

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Searchable, PreProcessor, org.apache.jmeter.testelement.TestElement

public class RegExUserParameters extends AbstractTestElement implements Serializable, PreProcessor
This component allows you to specify reference name of a regular expression that extracts names and values of HTTP request parameters. Regular expression group numbers must be specified for parameter's name and also for parameter's value. Replacement will only occur for parameters in the Sampler that uses this RegEx User Parameters which name matches
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  • Constructor Details

    • RegExUserParameters

      public RegExUserParameters()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public void process()
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      process in interface PreProcessor
    • clone

      public Object clone()
      A new instance is created for each thread group, and the clone() method is then called to create copies for each thread in a thread group.
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      clone in interface org.apache.jmeter.testelement.TestElement
      clone in class AbstractTestElement
    • setRegExRefName

      public void setRegExRefName(String str)
    • getRegExRefName

      public String getRegExRefName()
    • setRegExParamNamesGrNr

      public void setRegExParamNamesGrNr(String str)
    • getRegParamNamesGrNr

      public String getRegParamNamesGrNr()
    • setRegExParamValuesGrNr

      public void setRegExParamValuesGrNr(String str)
    • getRegExParamValuesGrNr

      public String getRegExParamValuesGrNr()