Class AbstractSamplerGui

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible, ClearGui, JMeterGUIComponent, Printable
Direct Known Subclasses:
BeanShellSamplerGui, FtpTestSamplerGui, HttpTestSampleGui, JavaTestSamplerGui, JMSPublisherGui, JMSSamplerGui, JMSSubscriberGui, JUnitTestSamplerGui, LdapExtTestSamplerGui, LdapTestSamplerGui, MailReaderSamplerGui, SmtpSamplerGui, SystemSamplerGui, TCPSamplerGui, TestActionGui

public abstract class AbstractSamplerGui extends AbstractJMeterGuiComponent
This is the base class for JMeter GUI components which manage samplers.
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  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractSamplerGui

      public AbstractSamplerGui()
  • Method Details

    • createPopupMenu

      public JPopupMenu createPopupMenu()
      When a user right-clicks on the component in the test tree, or selects the edit menu when the component is selected, the component will be asked to return a JPopupMenu that provides all the options available to the user from this component.

      This implementation returns menu items appropriate for most sampler components.

      a JPopupMenu appropriate for the component.
    • getMenuCategories

      public Collection<String> getMenuCategories()
      This is the list of menu categories this gui component will be available under. This implementation returns MenuFactory.SAMPLERS, which is appropriate for most sampler components.
      a Collection of Strings, where each element is one of the constants defined in MenuFactory
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