Class AbstractSampleSender

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AsynchSampleSender, BatchSampleSender, DataStrippingSampleSender, DiskStoreSampleSender, HoldSampleSender, StandardSampleSender, StatisticalSampleSender

public abstract class AbstractSampleSender extends Object implements SampleSender
Base class for SampleSender implementations
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractSampleSender

      protected AbstractSampleSender()
  • Method Details

    • isClientConfigured

      public boolean isClientConfigured()
      boolean indicates how SampleSender configuration is done, true means use client properties and send to servers, false means use server configurations
    • testEnded

      public void testEnded()
      Description copied from interface: SampleSender
      The test ended (probably not used; client-server mode needs a host)
      Specified by:
      testEnded in interface SampleSender