Interface SampleProcessor

All Known Subinterfaces:
SampleConsumer, SampleProducer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractGraphConsumer, AbstractOverTimeGraphConsumer, AbstractSampleConsumer, AbstractSampleProcessor, AbstractSummaryConsumer, AbstractVersusRequestsGraphConsumer, ActiveThreadsGraphConsumer, AggregateConsumer, ApdexSummaryConsumer, BytesThroughputGraphConsumer, CodesPerSecondGraphConsumer, ConnectTimeOverTimeGraphConsumer, CustomGraphConsumer, ErrorsSummaryConsumer, ExternalSampleSorter, FilterConsumer, HitsPerSecondGraphConsumer, LatencyOverTimeGraphConsumer, LatencyVSRequestGraphConsumer, NormalizerSampleConsumer, RequestsSummaryConsumer, ResponseCustomGraphGraphConsumer, ResponseTimeDistributionGraphConsumer, ResponseTimeOverTimeGraphConsumer, ResponseTimePercentilesGraphConsumer, ResponseTimePercentilesOverTimeGraphConsumer, ResponseTimePerSampleGraphConsumer, ResponseTimeVSRequestGraphConsumer, SampleWriterConsumer, StatisticsSummaryConsumer, SyntheticResponseTimeDistributionGraphConsumer, TaggerConsumer, TimeVSThreadGraphConsumer, Top5ErrorsBySamplerConsumer, TotalTPSGraphConsumer, TransactionsPerSecondGraphConsumer

public interface SampleProcessor
Defines a sample processor.

Basically a sample processor is meant to process samples. There is currently 2 kinds of sample processors :

  • SampleConsumer : sample consumers are sample processors meant to consume samples
  • SampleProducer : sample producers are sample processors meant to produce samples
  • Method Details

    • getSampleContext

      SampleContext getSampleContext()
      Gets the sample context.
      the sample context
    • setSampleContext

      void setSampleContext(SampleContext ctx)
      Set sample context that this consumer should rely on.
      ctx - the new sample context
    • setChannelAttribute

      void setChannelAttribute(int channel, String key, Object value)
      Associate an attribute to the specified channel for this sample processor
      If the attribute already exist, it is replaced.
      channel - The channel number to associate the attribute on
      key - The attribute key
      value - The attribute value to be set
    • getChannelAttribute

      Object getChannelAttribute(int channel, String key)
      Return an attribute value associated on a channel on this sample processor
      channel - The channel on which the attribute is associated
      key - The attribute key to be retrieved
      The attribute value or null if none is found for the specified key