Interface SampleComparator

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public interface SampleComparator
Defines a comparator for Sample instances
  • Method Details

    • compare

      long compare(Sample s1, Sample s2)
      Compares to sample

      Must return an long integer that define the relational order of the 2 compared samples:

      • Negative long integer : s1 is lower than s2
      • Zero long integer : s1 is strictly equal to s2
      • Positive long integer : s1 is greater than s2
      s1 - The first sample to be compared
      s2 - The second sample to compared
      A negative is s1 < s2, 0 if s1 = s2, a positive integer if s1 > s2
    • initialize

      void initialize(SampleMetadata metadata)
      Initializes the comparator with the SampleMetadata of the samples to be compared.

      This function is invoked before any call to thecompare service.

      Not that this function is the place to get sample column indexes for better performance

      metadata - The metadata of the sample to be compared by this instance