Class AbstractPostProcessorGui

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible, ClearGui, JMeterGUIComponent, Printable
Direct Known Subclasses:
BoundaryExtractorGui, HtmlExtractorGui, JMESPathExtractorGui, JSONPostProcessorGui, RegexExtractorGui, ResultActionGui, XPath2ExtractorGui, XPathExtractorGui

public abstract class AbstractPostProcessorGui extends AbstractScopedJMeterGuiComponent
This is the base class for JMeter GUI components which manage PostProcessors. PostProcessors which can be applied to different scopes (parent, children or both) need to use the createScopePanel() to add the panel to the GUI, and they also need to use saveScopeSettings() and showScopeSettings() to keep the test element and GUI in synch.
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    • AbstractPostProcessorGui

      public AbstractPostProcessorGui()
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    • getMenuCategories

      public Collection<String> getMenuCategories()
      Description copied from interface: JMeterGUIComponent
      This is the list of add menu categories this gui component will be available under. For instance, if this represents a Controller, then the MenuFactory.CONTROLLERS category should be in the returned collection. When a user right-clicks on a tree element and looks through the "add" menu, which category your GUI component shows up in is determined by which categories are returned by this method. Most GUI's belong to only one category, but it is possible for a component to exist in multiple categories.
      a Collection of Strings, where each element is one of the constants defined in MenuFactory
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