Class CounterConfig

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, LoopIterationListener, NoThreadClone, Searchable, org.apache.jmeter.testelement.TestElement, ThreadListener

public class CounterConfig extends AbstractTestElement implements Serializable, LoopIterationListener, NoThreadClone, ThreadListener
Provides a counter per-thread(user) or per-thread group.
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  • Constructor Details

    • CounterConfig

      public CounterConfig()
  • Method Details

    • iterationStart

      public void iterationStart(LoopIterationEvent event)
      Description copied from interface: LoopIterationListener
      Called when a loop iteration is about to start.
      Specified by:
      iterationStart in interface LoopIterationListener
      event - the event
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    • setStart

      public void setStart(long start)
    • setStart

      public void setStart(String start)
    • getStart

      public long getStart()
    • getStartAsString

      public String getStartAsString()
    • setEnd

      public void setEnd(long end)
    • setEnd

      public void setEnd(String end)
    • setResetOnThreadGroupIteration

      public void setResetOnThreadGroupIteration(boolean value)
      Configures if the counter must be reset on Thread Group Iteration.
      value - boolean indicating if counter must be reset on Thread Group Iteration
    • isResetOnThreadGroupIteration

      public boolean isResetOnThreadGroupIteration()
      Returns true if counter must be reset on Thread Group Iteration.
      true if counter must be reset on Thread Group Iteration
    • getEnd

      public long getEnd()
      Returns counter upper limit (default Long.MAX_VALUE).
      counter upper limit (default Long.MAX_VALUE)
    • getEndAsString

      public String getEndAsString()
    • setIncrement

      public void setIncrement(long inc)
    • setIncrement

      public void setIncrement(String incr)
    • getIncrement

      public long getIncrement()
    • getIncrementAsString

      public String getIncrementAsString()
    • setIsPerUser

      public void setIsPerUser(boolean isPer)
    • isPerUser

      public boolean isPerUser()
    • setVarName

      public void setVarName(String name)
    • getVarName

      public String getVarName()
    • setFormat

      public void setFormat(String format)
    • getFormat

      public String getFormat()
    • threadStarted

      public void threadStarted()
      Description copied from interface: ThreadListener
      Called for each thread before starting sampling. WARNING: this is called before any Config test elements are processed, so any properties they define will not have been merged in yet. See org.apache.jmeter.threads.JMeterThread#threadStarted()
      Specified by:
      threadStarted in interface ThreadListener
    • threadFinished

      public void threadFinished()
      Description copied from interface: ThreadListener
      Called for each thread after all samples have been processed. See org.apache.jmeter.threads.JMeterThread#threadFinished(org.apache.jmeter.engine.event.LoopIterationListener)
      Specified by:
      threadFinished in interface ThreadListener