Class FileWrapper


public final class FileWrapper extends Object
This class wraps the FileRowColContainer for use across multiple threads.

It does this by maintaining a list of open files, keyed by file name (or alias, if used). A list of open files is also maintained for each thread, together with the current line number.

  • Method Details

    • open

      public static void open(String file, String alias)
    • endRow

      public static void endRow(String file)
    • getColumn

      public static String getColumn(String file, int col)
    • getCurrentRow

      public static int getCurrentRow(String file)
      Gets the current row number (mainly for error reporting)
      file - name of the file for which the row number is asked
      the current row number for this thread, or -1 if file was not opened yet
    • clearAll

      public static void clearAll()